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Needham Street Cleaners
76 Needham Street Newton,
MA 02461


Store Hours
Monday-Friday: 7:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Sunday:  11:00AM – 4:00PM

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What is dry cleaning?

The process is called dry cleaning because garments are immersed in a liquid solvent, rather than water. It is the absence of water that refers to this process as “dry' cleaning. All attire is evaluated before the dry cleaning process begins, and then treated with the appropriate solutions (according to the fabric), and then the articles are placed in a machine that removes the treatment solvents and works to dissolve stains. Garments are then inspected and pressed for pick-up.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery?
We are in the process of setting up this service. The website will be updated once we begin.

Is Needham Street Cleaners Insured?
Yes. Needham Street Cleaners is fully insured.

Aren’t all dry cleaners the same?
No. Not all facilities use the newest technologies and environmentally safe solvents as we do. Needham Street Cleaners has far surpassed your typical dry cleaning facility with the acquisition of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, the use of the highest quality treatment solutions, and the employment of continuously educated staff. The combination of these three strengths is what leaves our customers satisfied beyond their expectations.

Is dry-cleaning healthy for my clothes?
Absolutely! The dry cleaning process provides garments that are at risk of damage in a wash machine with longevity of wear. If fabric remains untreated, it will begin to deteriorate and untreatable damage will occur. Dry cleaning will not only extend its life span, but will continue to make your garments/carpets/drapes always look like new.

Do you offer same day laundry services?
Our typical timeframe is 2-3 days for proper assessment and treatment of your garments. We do, however, provide same day service in cases of emergency; provided the garments are dropped off within the first hour of store opening, or a scheduled pick-up is already set up. We pride ourselves in accommodating all of our customers.

Call or Email us today 617.332.8489.

Needham Street Cleaners provides dry cleaning and laundry services and is not limited to the following areas: We cover all of Boston MA, Needham MA, Wellesley MA, Brookline MA and Newton MA.

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Needham Street Cleaners
76 Needham Street Newton, MA 02461