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Needham Street Cleaners
76 Needham Street Newton,
MA 02461


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Monday-Friday: 7:00AM - 7:00PM
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Specialty Services

Reliable - High Quality - Fast Service!


Our facility prides itself in providing the most elite service in the industry – The Royalty Service. From the moment we receive your garments, special individual care is given to each piece ensuring that nothing has been overlooked. All garments are treated with hypoallergenic detergents and eco-friendly spot treatments using our unsurpassed advanced techniques. Our expert staff will inspect your garments several times throughout the process, with one final inspection performed by the owner, prior to meticulously packaging each piece for full customer satisfaction.

Needham Street Cleaners understands the growing needs clients have for comprehensive laundry service. Unlike other facilities, we perform laundry services on the premises, with the use of stately equipment, cutting edge technology, and eco-friendly cleaning solvents. From your personal items to blankets to rugs, our laundry service is the finest available anywhere.

Needham Street Cleaners specializes in restoration services for garments and other beloved toys or delicate family heirlooms that have been damaged, particularly by flood, smoke, or fire.

Our professionals are fully prepared to provide you with damage assessment, detailed documentation, guaranteed deodorization, and same day emergency response. Each loss will be treated with great attention to detail - promptly and with grace. Needham Street Cleaners offers real hope of restoration to its members of the community and surrounding areas during times of deep distress.

Just let your insurance agent know that you would like to retain our services, provide us with their contact information and we will handle the rest.

Needham Street Cleaners employs the most elite conservation specialists, with years of training in the skilled trade of textile gown preservation. The process begins with a strict inspection of your gown, taking careful notes of gown trimmings, fabric, stains, etc., in order to design a specific treatment plan with our sophisticated techniques. Our specialists will clean and preserve your wedding dress, turning it into a treasure that will last decades without harm or fabric deterioration. The most advanced sealing method is utilized and there is a life time guarantee on the packaging.

Inclusive with your wedding gown, Needham Street Cleaners will also extend the same treatments and gown preservation procedures for your veil/headpiece, gloves, garter, shoes, and any other sacred part of your most memorable day.

Suede, leather and fur should be conditioned annually to protect against damaging agents such as oil, dirt, and salt, in order to extend the garment’s life span. The skilled technicians at Needham Street Cleaners will process specialty garments with detailed inspection, proper use of solutions for stain removal and cleaning, replenishment of natural oils, and completed with a meticulous final inspection.

In addition to traditional dry cleaning and restoration services, Needham Street Cleaners also provides shoe repair services, adding even more convenience for customers. Our shoe specialists are capable of handling repair needs for footwear ranging from high-fashion favorites to work boots to sporting shoes. Our comprehensive shoe repair service includes professional polishing, sole inspection and replacement, heel replacement, and any other repair you may need – all in one location!

Needham Street Cleaners offers more than just your dry cleaning needs. Experts are prepared to handle the delicate materials of oriental rugs, including Chinese, Persian, Indian, Silk, and more. Special attention is given to the use of safe and eco-friendly solvents in the treatment of the rugs, particularly to the fibers, dyes, and weave, ensuring its protection and longevity of the rug. Our intense process will not only deeply clean the rug, but will revive it to look like the day you purchased it.

In addition to dry cleaning, Needham Street Cleaners also offers wet cleaning, whereby your garments will be given a gentle wash in a water-based solution for more saturated stains and odors.

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Needham Street Cleaners provides dry cleaning and laundry services and is not limited to the following areas: We cover all of Boston MA, Needham MA, Wellesley MA, Brookline MA and Newton MA.

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Needham Street Cleaners
76 Needham Street Newton, MA 02461